How to Hygge

However you want to pronounce it, the Danish art of coziness and a deeply satisfying feeling of well-being, is definitely something I could get onboard with.  Hygge is not a style or a look, but rather a warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside your belly fueled by togetherness with your loved ones and a cozy environment.  Here are a few steps you can take to reach this Danish nirvana in the comfort of your own home.

1. Create a calming environment. As a self proclaimed candle-holic, this first step is near and dear to my heart.  Choose your favorite scent to fill your home or opt for lighting with warmer yellow hues for a Hygge glow.

2. Get your cozy on. Slip into those shearling slippers and grab your insta-famous chunky knit blanket.  It’s time to snuggle up and relax.

3. Surround yourself with personal touches.  Embrace the feeling of togetherness by framing memorable moments and incorporating personal mementos into your home decor.

4. Layer on natural textures.  Natural fibers and textures can be incorporated into any part of the home.  From the floor to the side table holding your extra foamy latte, materials found in nature are nice on the eyes and the soul.