5 Tips for Creating Your White Bedroom Retreat

An all white bedroom can make you feel like you are in a luxurious hotel but if done incorrectly, can also give you the sterile hospital vibe.  Here are a few ways to keep you bedroom relaxing, chic, and worthy of a five star rating.

1.  Go for a dramatic headboard

A show-stealing headboard gives the room a focal point and adds a touch of drama.  In order to keep that luxurious feel, try out tufting or a heavier fabric for any upholstered headboards.  You can also buy this piece separately and attach it to a standard bed frame rather than opting for a full upholstered bed.


2. Don’t forget about texture

Since the colors in the room are limited, use different textures to keep the room interesting.  Chunky knit throws, faux fur pillows, shag rugs, and heavier curtains are some great options for achieving this layered look.

3. Utilize the wall space 


Don’t forget to look up! An entirely white room is the perfect space to showcase unique art or light fixtures.  This can also be a great way to add texture to the room in an unexpected way.

4. Mix and match different shades


Having an all white room does not mean that all of your whites need to match.  Off-white, cream, and beige can be brought into the room in many different ways.  The simplest way to mix it up is by choosing throw pillows and blankets in multiple shades and patterns.

5. Accessorize with metallics  


A great metallic accent is the cherry on top of an all white bedroom.  Whether it is in the form of a lamp, mirror, or vase, adding a bit of sparkle is always a good idea.

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